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19 Item(s)


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  • By maria


    this is my first lace front wig, so I am comparing its look and feel to non-lace front wigs I've had. I'm in love.

  • By Marylin


    This wig is EVERYTHING. While this is my first wig, it’s not as intimidating as I thought it’d be. The color is beautiful and is almost multi dimensional, it looks different in other types of light or flash as well. I have plucked some hairs for a thicker hair part, but still have more to do and want to add some baby hairs. You need this wig, especially for the price.I got it for a mermaid costume for Halloween but gonna wear it out as well

  • By Vicky


    I love how this wig turned out! It had a lot of potential in the beginning and I was able to easily transform it into what I was hoping for. The wig is VERY thick so I did have to go in with thinning shears and thin her out. I also cut baby hairs and plucked the part line to make it look more realistic. I trimmed it to my desired length and framed my face a little bit. All in all it took me only 1 hour to make a few small adjustments and now it is PERFECT!

  • By Naomi.mason8


    I was just getting this for Halloween and to see what my hair would look like thicker and more beautiful. I would totally wear this with a cute bandana to work or something. It’s a good quality for the price!

  • By carina


    So this was my first wig I've ever purchased and worn. I love the curls and I did love the length when I first wore it. It tangles and sheds a little but overall it's a great purchase especially if your just looking to try a wig out for the first time like me.

  • By prieta2004


    Love love love!! Made lil baby hairs to it

  • By claudia


    Absolutely love this wig. Didn't think i could pull it off buuuuut....

  • By Ruth


    This wig changed me from pretty to every time I walked in a room, I received so many compliments and guys and girls would tell me how beautiful my hair was and they didn't even know it was a wig nor was I going to tell them. I walked with confident while wearing this wig. I will be buying the same wig a few more times.

  • By Amber


    It can definitely get alittle heavy, but that’s kind of expected since it’s a thicker wig. I’m overall very pleased with this purchase!

  • By Kirsty


    This is my favorite wig yet. The hair feels amazing, super soft, minimal shedding not too heavy. The cap fits on my head so comfortably, and the part looks pretty believable.